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The renovation of this '60s brick four unit apartment building is a great example of how architects and developers can upgrade poor performing structures into contemporary energy efficient homes.
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Resolving what to do with our existing housing stock is one of the more complicated challenges to creating more beautiful, more energy efficient and more sustainable communities.  What value should be placed on existing structures with little or no historic significance?  Can existing structures be salvaged and remodeled?  Can existing structures be made to perform as well as new construction?  How should we balance the trade-off between the embodied energy in existing materials against the energy required to build with new materials?

Ultimately, the answers to those questions need to be evaluated one property at a time.  In many cases removing the existing building for the construction of a new one may be the best solution.  In the case of 4808 W. 35th Ave. in Denver, we felt more could be gained by improving the existing structure than by building a new one from scratch. 

We preserved the existing double masonry exterior walls (exterior brick and interior concrete block) and added an interior insulated wood framed wall to insulate and seal the main floor areas.  The upper floor is all new construction with insulated wood framed exterior walls and roof trusses.  All of the old leaky windows were replaced with high performance vinyl windows.  Crawl spaces were sealed and insulated. 

Most importantly, the design was updated to meet contemporary expectations and living styles.  Electrical and plumbing systems were fully replaced.  Worn out fixtures and finishes were upgraded.  This 50 year old building is now ready for another 50 years of providing places for families to call "home."
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