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Elevated on a mountainside outside of Anchorage, Alaska, this home takes full advantage of its sweeping views.  The mountain architecture includes vaulted ceilings and interconnected spaces that create a light, bright, interior even when the long winter nights allow little opportunity to go explore this beautiful area.
Great Room
Red Top Circle custom home
Rear Deck and Walk-Out Lower Level

The environment around Anchorage, Alaska is strikingly similar to the higher elevations of Colorado's Rocky Mountains.  A home properly designed for this area is strikingly similar to one well suited for Vail, Aspen, or Telluride.  Winters can be bitterly cold and snow falls create complicated structural and maintenance challenges.  Summers are stunning: temperate, sunny, and begging to be enjoyed.  That said, Alaska has two significant differences that impact a home's design.  Daylight hours very significantly depending on the season and earthquakes control the lateral structural design of buildings.

Controlling daylight during the summer month can be as simple as installing quality drapes and blinds to block out sunlight from sleeping areas.  Designing for the limited sunlight in the winter months is more interesting.  In this home we designed significant south facing glazing to capture as much sunlight as possible during limited daylight hours.  The interior's bright colors and use of natural materials help to stretch the feeling of daylight long after the sun has set.

In Colorado lateral structural design is nearly always controlled by our strong winds.  In Alaska, designing to withstand earthquakes supersedes wind loading.  Braced frames and steel ties are installed throughout the framing to create a structure capable of surviving a massive earthquake.  A steel 'cage' had to be engineered and installed around the great room in order to accommodate the large south facing windows.  All of these features are secreted away in the walls leaving the overall feel of the home light, warm, and airy.
Kitchen Great Room Windows