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Solar Awning
Designed in cooperation with Perigrin Builders of Lafayette, Colorado, this awning is composed of heavy timber framing supporting translucent solar panels.  In addition to creating dapled shade on the patio, the awning generates electricity to help offset the home's energy needs.
Expanded Patio and Awning
Underside of Awning
Privacy Screen

Bifacial solar panels have silicon photovoltaic squares mounted on clear glass panels.  The silicon squares are mounted one inch apart allowing light and sky views through the panels and creating a dappled light effect below.  These panels generate more electricity than conventional PV panels because they are able to absorb light both from above and below.

The panels have a great contemporary look and can be used easily in any style application.  The key is in the details.  The awning should be designed to match the materials, shapes, and style of the rest of the home.  This isn't some 'out of the box' sunroom kit.  This is a custom extension of your home.

The new awning is styled to match the home