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Living Room
Designed for the 2008 Parade of Homes in Solterra, Lakewood, Colorado, this home fits into the Tuscan hillside architectural style adopted by the neighborhood and offers all of the convenience of a contemporary American home. 

The home is designed to blend traditional Tuscan vernacular elements with contemporary materials and finishes.  The most traditional styled part of the home is the central living room and front entry.  As occupants move away from those spaces, the remainder of the home becomes increasingly modern.
Front Motorcourt
Tuscan vernacular architectural elements are particularly well suited to be blended with modern finishes and space planning.  Both Tuscan and modern design styles emphasis clean lines and use exposed structural elements to differentiate space and provide visual interest in the architecture.  By subtly transitioning from more traditional forms to more contemporary spaces the overall home remains visually cohesive.
Family RoomMaster Bath
Basement Rec. Room