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There may be literally thousands of choices when you're shopping for shoes, a couch, curtains, or light fixtures.  But where do you go to buy a new deck or that small kitchen expansion you've dreamed up?  Maybe you should call Contractors?  Surely it's not enough of a project to bother with an Architect.      Or is it?      You might be surprised.  Small projects are often the most interesting ones in an architectural office and the right Architect will give you great service at a great price.

Architects are trained to help you identify your needs, look past easily dated trends, and interpret your goals in a way that works well and looks beautiful.  We don't sell products, don't work on a sales commission, and certainly don't profit from taking shortcuts.  The greatest part of being an architect is getting to meet and know new people, listen to their ideas, and help them achieve their goals.  Surprised?  Your project, no matter how large or small is a great new project for any architect.

Design is not a product you can find on the shelf at the local Super-Home-Mart.  It's an interactive and engaging process where you can work with people you can trust to deliver for you.  It applies as well to small patio additions as it does to shopping malls and skyscrapers.  Ultimately, anything built for your property will be 'custom' even if it is made from off the shelf parts.  Why not treat your goals and ideas with enough respect to run them past a design professional and make sure you get the best possible product for your investment?

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Lodestone Design Group provides custom architecture, planning, and interior design solutions that transform your ideas into places to work, live and play.  We are focused on providing superb customer service and beautiful design solutions.  We are your local Colorado architect.

Lodestone Design Group capitalizes on the talents of a diverse group of professional architects, engineers, designers and contractors to deliver beautiful custom solutions to our clients' diverse and dynamic needs.  The projects displayed in our online portfolios are only a small sample of the work completed by group members.  These works owe their success to a vast array of people.  Their publication is intended as a testament to what can be accomplished when a team of talented professionals works together with their clients toward a common goal. 

Please feel free to view our online portfolios and contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to meet to discuss your ideas.  We're here to help and eager to meet new people and learn about new opportunities.